This is a private site with football statistics and a just for fun football score prediction game.

More statistics, more competitions (UEFA competitions, national cups, ...), more historic data, additional data, ...

Actual data for the seasons of the four major leagues are provided by football-data.org
Historic data and german national cups (DFB-Pokal, Supercup) are manual input.

Seasons 2016-2022 for:
  • 1. Bundesliga
  • DFB-Pokal
  • German Supercup
  • Premier League
  • Primera Division
  • Serie A

  • D: draw
  • L: loss
  • M.p.: matches played
  • p.M.: per match
  • W: win

The first image is the lastest game followed by the previous games.
E.g. if 10 matchdays are played then the first image is the 10th matchday, the second the 9th, the third the 8th, ...).

It is possible to filter results and statistics by first or second half of match, the weekday the match has been played, etc.
The filter "1./2. Half of season" does only apply for league matches not for cup matches.

FBstats Bingo is free to play and just for fun.
There is one game each for 1. Bundesliga, Premier League, Primera Division and Serie A.
You just need an account to join one or several games.

Please find the rules here.